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Identifying the issue

Communication and trust between doctor and patient are key to the successful functional and aesthetic treatment with long-term results.

At Dental Clinic Petar Duchev before starting a treatment, you will discuss with our head doctor your specific needs and desires, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions, you will comment on the procedures, the results and payment. This includes reviewing of your photos, all the X-rays available, the current issues and the possible options for their resolution.

In more complex cases, it would be necessary to produce a wax model of your teeth, required for the assessment of their best final restoration. You will receive a treatment and pricing plan, containing the best possible estimation of the stages of your treatment to obtain the best outcomes possible.

Identifying the issue

First impression

According to TV experts, people evaluating someone else’s appearance, pay attention to the teeth first, then to the hair and to the entire face last.

As a person who always pays special attention to people’s teeth, due to my profession, I always judge people by their: do these teeth correspond to the face or not?! Therefore, at my first appointment with the patient, I try to find the answer to the question: Is there anything that I don’t like about that patient’s teeth?

In case of disproportion between the face and the teeth “non-professionals“ are unable or find it difficult to identify the exact issue and keep looking at the person, trying to answer the question: What is wrong with them?

There is never a second chance to make a first impression!

This wise thought belongs to Coco Chanel, one of the most influential figures in 20th century fashion, the most legendary French fashion designer, a modernist, who has completely revolutionized female fashion, by incorporating men’s elements in it.

For me, as the head doctor, the first impression is also of particular importance and this is the sole reason for me to recommend everybody, having an appointment with me for a consultation, to study in more detail their smile. And not so much the teeth themselves, but rather the teeth-lips-face proportions, and to tell me what they want adjusted.

I am absolutely against change for change’s sake!

I believe that smile adjustment with braces or facets must be a process of detailed planning with pre-defined outcome. And this is only possible, if you can rely on a team of professionals – doctors, dental technicians, assistants. Because facets are not “ceramic tiles“, which may be replaced, like the stick-on artificial women’s nails, and braces are a complex system of metal or ceramic buttons fixed on the teeth, to which a metal memory wire arc is attached, which rearranges properly the teeth over a period of one-two years.

I often try to persuade people that it is not a good idea to "fix" minor defects in the arrangement of their teeth, since I consider those part of one’s charm, contributing to one’s attractiveness, rather than a real defect!

Sometimes the perfect smile is truly perfect in its imperfection!

First impression

You need braces

We often recommend braces to people, who have well-arranged teeth and good harmony of the face. The reason in these cases is disfunction, improper articulation and positioning of the lower to the upper jaw and poor proportion of the teeth in the lower and upper jaws, resulting in uncontrolled teeth compression, when eating and at night and to pathology with destruction of the entire teeth-and-jaw system.

People, however, often seem concerned about the duration of the treatment – approximately two years, and sometimes even more.

Of course, two years are a long time, but what a two years for someone, aged 20, 30 or 40, who will live 40 or 50 years more, but now having proper bite and healthy teeth?

In this case people, who have agreed to wear braces for functionality purposes, get beauty as a gift and an extra.

If you don’t like your smile or teeth and you think, that you really need such correction, make an appointment for consultation with me!

If you really need this, I can even refer you to a foreign specialist, who works with us in Sofia. I can even find a specialist abroad (one that is the most suitable for your specific case) and invite him to help here, in our dental centre in Sofia.

You need braces

You need facets

If patients need correction to their smile or orthodontic treatment, we explain to them that the facets or the orthodontic treatment with braces is necessary.

In order to make sure that we can achieve the perfect aesthetics of the smile through facets, we work together with the globally renowned specialist - dental technician Romeo Pascetta from Italy, who makes some of the best facets in the world.

He is in among the top 10 dental technicians in the world and his specialty is dental haute couture.

You need facets

Haute couture in dental prostheses with Romeo Pascetta / Italy

Romeo Pascetta or just Romeo, as all his patients, including ours, call him when then meet him in person, is among the top dental technicians in Europe, and he has co-authored, together with the famous Domenico Massironi 2 books and atlas on ceramic restorations. He has a long professional biography vast experience. The fact that he personally makes all products that we offer, renders his work exclusive, haute couture work, coming at a price, and requiring enough time to make.

Sometimes patients, coming to get “facets by Romeo”, have to be persuaded that they do not need Romeo Pascetta’s facets and crowns, they rather need just orthodontic treatment and/or minimum direct restorations with composites. Because facets, although beautiful, are not suitable for every type of patient and cannot form part of every treatment.

However, when ceramic restorations are truly necessary, such as facets, 360o facets, overlays, onlays or crowns, these are exclusively made by Romeo Pascetta.

Sometimes people seem concerned with the total duration of the overall treatment and total rehabilitation, which may reach 1,5-2 years, if the treatment plan includes orthodontic treatment or complex implant placement, combined with sinus augmentation (sinus lifting). Of course, this is a long time, but what are two years for somebody who is 20-30 or even 40 years of age, considering the fact that they can then enjoy 50 or 60 years more years with highly aesthetic teeth and a good bite?

In the case of such overall restorations, functionality is always the top priority, with aesthetics being an additional bonus.

If you think that you have such an issue or if you want Haute Couture teeth, make an appointment for a consultation with me.

If you believe that your issue is truly complex and unusual, I will find foreign specialists, who will come to Sofia and carry out your treatment in our clinic.

Make an appointment for a consultation
Make an appointment for a consultation