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My name is your guarantee

There is a vast choice of dentists and clinics in Bulgaria. You can have a filling or crown almost anywhere, but when it comes to a complex treatment, including multiple surgeries, several generations of temporary teeth, braces, the list becomes drastically shorter. In fact, the situation is similar worldwide. There are many doctors and dentists everywhere, but few good specialists.

I think that the mediocre doctor is not really aware of his or her mediocracy and the patient may never find out the truth about the course and outcome of their treatment. This is so, because not all poorly repaired teeth give you toothache and not all inadequate implants fall off. Often our immune system protects us from poor quality medicine.

The patient (client) may choose his or her dentist, but lacking proper criteria regarding that specialist’s actual work, in most cases the choice is based on purely subjective reasons.

That is why you need me!

With my name on the façade of our clinic, I guarantee that I am a dentist and as such, I will choose the best team of dentists for you. These are my colleagues, who work with me in my team, and among them, according to your specific needs, I will pick the one who will solve your issue best. You need an institution, which is not merely a name, but a specific person. This is not as easy as it may seem at first look, because even for me, a doctor with 20 years of experience, numerous special qualifications and lecturing experience, choosing the right doctor is a difficult task.

Dentists specialize in various areas: surgery, implantology, restorative dentistry, aesthetics, periodontology etc. From the very start of my practice, I realized that I do not want to be a general practitioner, knowing everything and doing everything. That is why I started developing a team of specialists, who are true experts in their respective area. But who manages these specialists, who directs this orchestra, because in most cases, patients need overall treatment, and a non-specialist patient would find it impossible to navigate through their own dental issues.

Another issue that is always on the agenda, is who will be responsible to the patient, when a choice is to be made whether to treat or to extract a tooth, how many implants are to be installed and should orthodontic treatment be undertaken or not?

My name is your guarantee

Dental Clinic Petar Duchev’s System of Work

In recent years, based on the vast experience, practice and trainings, I have developed my “Clinic Duchev’s System”. Its uniqueness is related to the fact that the decision and the development of the treatment plan, are based on a consultation (you can find more information on what the consultation is and why is it necessary, here), aesthetic and functional diagnostics, professional hygiene and dental Concilium. Each doctor proposes a solution, which must pass the so-called “mother and daughter test”. This means that that doctor has to confirm whether he/she would propose such a treatment to his/her own mother and/or daughter?

Only after all this we are ready to propose a treatment plan with its respective options, to the patient who is seeking after our expertise.

The second reason why you should choose us: A clever dentist may make a wrong judgement, to miss something or merely to yield to the temptation to do something that he has mastered, but you may not need. Neither I, nor my doctors can make individual non-consolidated decisions and that is why we always say “we”, instead of “I”.

We would never propose to you facets, braces or implants, only because we know how to do them in the best possible manner. We can recommend you specific treatment, only if you actually need it!

Dental Clinic Petar Duchev’s System of Work

A clinic by catalogue

The third reason you should choose our clinic as your place of treatment, is that “star” specialists are capable of performing their respective tasks!

In 2015 we obtained the status of a full member of The Leading Dental Centers of the World, the so-called “Star League“ of dental clinics, because everything in our Clinic meets the highest possible global standards. With time, after visiting other clinics throughout the world, and seeing the reactions of all our guess, patients and dentists, I ultimately realized that there are very few dental clinics like this one globally.

I truly hope that you will agree that as qualified a dentist may be, he or she cannot work without proper equipment.

“You cannot appreciate a dental centre like this right away, you need to experience it!” – this is what I was told by a friend of mine, who has travelled all around the world and shared his thoughts about the clinic with me, while I was taking him on tour there.

People often ask me: “Why do you need an operating theatre, while most dentists place implants and perform surgical operations in their standard offices?“

My answer is always the same: “We do it for our patient’s safety!”

Each and every surgical procedure requires a very strict control of the infections, and our operating theatre is designed and constructed, according to a standard, very similar to that, applicable in cardio surgery.

What sets us apart from all the rest of the clinics and dental practices is that we perform all dental implants placement, as well as the overall dental treatment, under full anaesthesia and deep sedation. We work with several teams of experience anaesthesiologists, who use special equipment to monitor the parameters of your body during your treatment in our clinic: heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen content, gas analysis etc. This allows us, as dentists, to focus on the performance of our tasks at hand.

The dental equipment in our clinic are of the highest possible class “Planmeka Suvereign”, as we are the sole clinic in Bulgaria, using that equipment.

“Why is it necessary?“ we are asked again.

I am not sure if you will agree with me, but an expensive car is first of all a safe car. It has better brakes and more air-cushions. Our equipment is just like this. It not only enables me and our dentists to perform even the most complex tasks, but also ensures exceptional comfort, so that you don’t have any backpain after a long stay with therein. What matters most is that they ensure safety: all tubes, conducting water or saliva, are thoroughly washed and disinfected after every patient. If the water in the mouth-wash cup passes through a special purification and disinfection system. This dental machinery is the quintessence of the knowledge and experience of the manufacturer’s – the Finnish company “Planmeka" with their many years of presence on this market.

A clinic by catalogue

Your safety

Your safety is also the fourth reason why you need us! You can’t find a safety standard, such as ours, anywhere else in the industry!

We have invested over EUR 100 000 in a sterilization room with an area of less than 10 sq.m., procuring the equipment for it from the eight best manufacturers in the world. And we all this with a sole purpose – to make sure that you cannot contract anything!

You know how does the tip of the handpiece look like – a tool, vital for any treatment. We use that only once, then subject it to a complete sterilization cycle, and not merely spraying and wiping it. In order to meet this house standard, we purchased a very large number of tips, considering the number of patients and the time, required for the complete sterilization cycle for each of them.

You decide for yourself if all this is necessary. Ultimately, statistics show that a vast number of hepatitis patients contracted it on the dental chair.

Your safety

Our guarantees

The fifth reason why you should choose us is the guarantee, provided for our work. Doctors don’t like to talk about guarantees. They prefer talking about prognoses. Indeed –doctors have no right to say that nothing unexpected will ever happen. They should, however, reassure you that they know what to do, when such a thing happens. The guarantee, provided by “Dental Clinic Petar Duchev” is something else: if during treatment or within three years after its completion, you lose your implant, for which you have paid, you will get one entirely at our expense.

Upon completion of your treatment plan, you will be provided with an additional 3-year guarantee, which will chiefly depend on your care of your teeth.

Subject to your regular professional hygiene visits, the guarantee may be extended.

In case of irregular visits, the guarantee may be discontinued.

We guarantee lifelong support and undertake to remind you of the time for your next professional hygiene visit every 6 months!

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