For our parents

If you are aged between 40 and 50 years, this means that your parents should be about 65-70+ years old. Do you know how often they visit a dentist or have prophylactic examinations of their teeth, do they have partial or total dentures, do they eat and smile without fear? The subject of our parents’ teeth is a taboo for many of them, they usually refrain from complaining and never share what difficulties they experience, while chewing and eating. And do you remember how they used to take you to the dentist, when you were just a kid, how they encouraged you and held your hand for support? Now it’s your time to show your empathy and care!

Using dental implants has been a standard procedure for patients with partially or fully toothless jaws. It is worth mentioning that this is exceptionally reliable and modern therapy. However, only the proper position of the implant and its minimum invasive placement can guarantee its long lifetime (15 years and more).

Our project “Our, Your Parents” aims at restoring the normal chewing functions and the aesthetics of the smile of our mothers and fathers. This is a way let them eat, smile and kiss once again, without fearing that their removable dentures might be displaced, fall and embarrass them. That is why our slogan is Eat, Smile, Kiss.

This project has two particularly significant aspects:

1) Technical equipment - the X Guide device, a serious investment, combined with the training of the team that held place in Zurich, Switzerland.

2) The possibility to treat elderly patients and children under drug induced sleep or with medical monitoring, ensuring in real time their physical and dental health. This requires the presence of a surgical unit, a team of anaesthesiologists and nurses, managing patient’s narcosis, a room for recovery and a follow-up programme for prophylaxis and maintenance.

The innovation, X Guide, is currently the only device in Bulgaria, for real-time navigated 3D surgery, aimed at the perfect 3D positioning of the implant. Significant adjacent anatomical structures are identified in real time through light and sound visualization on equipment’s display. The software ensures the long lifetime and flawless trouble-free functioning of the dental implant through:

  • 3D scanning of the jaws.
  • Digital planning of implant’s position and the future structures, to be installed on it.

Performing the surgical procedure in this way makes it unique, because it allows the correction of any deviations from the pre-designed implant position by a hundredth of the millimetre (0,01 mm).

Preserving the chewing functions, aesthetics and phonetics form the basis of all complex or partial dental treatments. Through the X Guide, 3D real-time navigated surgery, Bulgarian patients get access to a state-of-the-art innovative treatment, involving dental implants. This digital navigation and real-time 3D positioning system increases the lifetime of the dental implants, as well as of the results, related to the superior dental aesthetics. According to our data, the primary, initial stability of dental implants improved by 10% from the very first day of their installation, and the possibility to fix temporary teeth, to be used until the ultimate placement of the final structures and crowns, increased by almost 39%. Such innovations result in the improved living standard of our patients and a better social status!

Our parents suffer

The happiness to get the smile back on my mother’s face

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