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My consultation

In order to make an important decision, such as choosing our Clinic for your treatment, you need the option “My consultation“. This is the precondition for commencing each treatment, since the decision for such a treatment is yours, not mine. What I have to do is provide you with enough information about the condition of your teeth and the specific issue, which you want resolved!

All consultations of patients over 18 years are going to be performed by me, Dr. Petar Duchev, as Clinic’s head dentist.

If you need my consultation, call +359(0)878 80 30 99 and our administrators will agree with you the first available convenient time for you.

The duration of the consultation is approximately 60-90 minutes and its cost is BGN 200. To make sure that the consultation is as effective and informative as possible, and that you can properly plan your time, it would be necessary to make a panoramic X-ray of all your teeth and both jaws on the previous day.

Before the consultation I and my specialists will review the X-ray and give you our recommendations. The cost of this panoramic X-ray is BGN 50

At the appointment for your consultation you can bring recent X-rays, if you have made any in the past 3 months. Please, be aware that if the X-rays you bring are in digital form and their viewing proves difficult or impossible, due to software incompatibilities, a new panoramic dental X-ray or scan may be necessary. That is why you are advised to bring them on the day before the appointment, so that we can schedule your visit as accurately and easily as possible.

Consultation: BGN 200

(for patients aged over 18 years only)


Panoramic Dental X-ray: BGN 50

My consultation

My appointment with you

If you have not obtained a panoramic dental X-ray before your consultation and appointment with me, please do not do that elsewhere (in another X-ray laboratory or office). Usually, during or after the consultation it becomes evident that we need to repeat the X-ray in our lab. The reason for that is that our X-ray equipment is of the highest possible class and our database is synchronized with it.

At the end of the consultation you will receive a recording of our appointment, your X-ray, comments and drawings by me, as well as a plan (treatment and pricing) for the subsequent steps.

If your treatment is partial or limited in size (we refer to it as a “direct plan”) we can schedule an appointment for commencing the respective treatment procedure.

If, however, you are about to undergo overall treatment (total rehabilitation), the plan will include subsequent diagnostic steps for collecting complete information, regarding all the issues, related with your teeth. During the consultation I usually get not more than 70% of the information that I and my specialists need, in order to develop a complete, final treatment plan (based on your X-ray test and oral examination). The other 30% will be collected in the subsequent diagnostic steps, i.e. professional hygiene (clinical oral hygiene) and functional aesthetic diagnostics.

This system of work is the result of my 20 years of successful clinical experience and our cooperation with some of the best universities in Europe and the USA. It makes it possible to collect and select the entire information, concerning you and your teeth, to identify any and all issues and obtain the opinion of each relevant specialist.

This plan ensures predictability of the results and the long life of the dental fixtures and crowns.

My appointment with you

Professional hygiene

In order to become our patient or to obtain 100% of the information about your teeth, after the consultation I will recommend that you undergo professional oral hygiene with one of our periodontologists. Within this procedure, along with the professional cleaning and polishing of your teeth, we will also carry out screening of your gums, in order to rule out or confirm a disease (e.g. periodontitis). Often periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontium) remains invisible for the patient, especially in its early stages and may result in the loss of perfectly healthy teeth within a very short time. More than 50% and according to some studies – up to 80% of Bulgarians suffer from periodontitis.

The duration of the professional hygiene procedure is approximately 1.5 hours and its price is BGN 300.

Professional hygiene: BGN 300

Professional hygiene

Functional aesthetic diagnostics (FAD)

In order to prepare your treatment plan, after the professional oral hygiene, we will continue with a functional, phonetic and aesthetic examination and analysis.

We will make a lot of photos and videos of your face, teeth, articulation.

We will evaluate the existing fillings, crowns, the quality of root treatment.

We will assess ant increased tooth abrasion (the so-called “businessman’s disease”).

We will also make dental impressions, so that we can produce models of your teeth. These will be necessary for evaluation and diagnostic purposes, when you are not at the clinic.

The duration of this visit is approximately 2 hours, and we will continue working with the information obtained for further 20 hours.

The total price of these diagnostics is BGN 300, including the production of a special presentation, showing all identified issues and the options we will have to resolve them.

The results of the overall examination during the consultation, professional hygiene and functional and aesthetic diagnostics will be presented separately, at a presentation with a total duration of approximately 1.5 hours.

Price: BGN 300

Functional aesthetic diagnostics (FAD)

Dental Concilium

Before you are presented with the treatment plan and its options, it will be discussed at a Concilium (dentists’ meeting). Apart from me, it is also attended by all specialist doctors/dentists, as each of them is responsible for a specific part of the treatment, according to their respective specialties.

We would never propose treatment, such as tooth extraction, using implants or braces, merely because we know how to do it. We will only propose certain treatment, if we strongly believe and are firmly convinced that you need it!

We will provide you with sufficient information, so that you can choose the treatment plan that is most suitable for you.

Dental Concilium

The "Treatment Plan" Presentation

The duration of the presentation of the treatment plan, adopted by the dental Concilium, is about 1 astronomical hour. You will be able to ask me and the other dentists/doctors any questions you may have. After the presentation we can immediately start scheduling your appointments or you can take your time and make your ultimate treatment decision later.

The book that you will receive from us will contain the results of the tests and examinations and the treatment options offered. This book will be useful for you and you can make your decision and compare our offer with the offers of other clinics and dentists.

During the presentation you will receive a detailed pricing plan, along with Clinic’s current pricelist.

The "Treatment Plan" Presentation

I have toothache

If you are in pain and need our urgent help, please call us!
We will do our best to help you as soon as possible.

Just asking

If you want to just ask a question, this won’t cost you anything. At the same time, in order to answer your questions, I will most likely need a recent X-ray.
For the “Just Asking” appointment I will usually meet you in the reception area in the start or at the end of the working day, and I will do my best to give you the answer you are looking for.

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Make an appointment for a consultation