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International Group ”Zablotskyy Clinics”

We joined this group in 2014. This was and continues to be of key importance for our development as a brand and medical institution in Bulgaria. Our positioning in the premium segment, our new projects, related to the opening of a specialized children’s dental clinic and the Dental Care Office are the result of our close cooperation with prof. Yaroslav Zablotskyy. This cooperation passed through different stages and forms, but nevertheless retained its original idea – each partner to be able to benefit from the expertise of the rest of the authorities in the group. The common reporting forms, the common treatment protocols, the common associate training algorithms enable our continuous and ongoing development as a medical institution and brand.

This partnership is the stick, driving us forward every time we allow ourselves to just float downstream.


The Leading Dental Centers of the World

Since 2016 we’ve been a part of the World LDCW family, as we are the first and still the only member in Bulgaria. Perfection in dentistry is the slogan of the leading dental centres in the group The World LDCW. This group unites world-renowned, top university lecturers and masters in dental medicine. State-of-the-art equipment, based on cutting-edge technologies, excellent services and patient treatment and prophylaxis environment, personalized treatment plans and outcome guarantee. All these characteristics are mandatory for the group members.

The process of application and approval of the admission into this exclusive club of the best in industry takes almost 2 years. The treatment outcomes, treatment protocols, the environment and equipment were all revised.

Ultimately, for 4 years the eyes of our patients, colleagues and visitors are drawn to the wall of our reception by the magnificent gold and brown plate, weighing 6 kg and is one of our distinctive features in our industry.


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