Even back in 2009, when we launched our first dental clinic, I was fully aware that it did not fully correspond to my needs and my understanding of modern dentistry. It was too much alike many other practices and there I was alone with my professionalism. I suffered, because patients couldn’t understand why they had to pay more and what did set us apart from the rest. Later, in my communications with marketologists and PR specialists I found out that it was just that we lacked evidences of the segment, we claimed to be part of.

When we decided to open a new clinic, meeting the most stringent standards in our profession, we faced the following facts:

- We could find nobody who could help us choose the location, premises, design, logistics. Let alone the treatment process and maintenance.

Suddenly I realized that I was about to make an old mistake once again. Opening the new clinic would throw me into the whirlpool of business - marketing, management, pricing, team management, etc. Something that I - an excellent dentist with a well-established practice and thorough expertise in many areas of dentistry – certainly wasn’t ready for.

What premises? Where? Purchase or rent? Organization of the working processes - who does what, where does it go, from where does it come? Unfortunately, I was completely ready to treat even the most difficult implantology patient, but not the business challenges that I could already see outlined on the horizon.

Looking at the organization and business expertise of my friend and mentor Yaroslav Zablotskyy I thought: “Yes, maybe with time I will accumulate enough experience and I may become something like him. But this will probably take 10 years, and I want my clinic right now.” Therefore, I just bought a franchise from him.! And these were the most wisely invested dozens of thousands of Euros in my professional life!

What did the franchise give you, what do you now offer your future partners in the franchise group?”- this is a question that I am often asked. What I answer is this: Everything, excluding medicine, including the design of the medical institution, advice, regarding the choice of equipment, instruments and tools, training and internships of all the associates, all the management knowledge and skills, accumulated in over 20 years.

Together with my partners we can consult and train you, and then you can use the acquired knowledge and skills at your sole discretion. At the same time, if you want to open a 5-star clinic, we can consider your candidacy for potential partnership!

You can join our International Franchise Group. This process is not easy and we more often give negative than positive answers! After signing an agreement, you will have to follow our group’s rules, then our achievements will become yours, and your issues – ours!

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