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A juicy apple, toast with butter, a delicious steak: you can experience the joy of good food just while thinking about it. However, it is not merely a source of pleasure. It is the foundation of good health and strong vitality. Now imagine that you don’t have teeth to bite off the apple, that every attempt to scrunch the toasted bread crust causes you pain, and chewing even the tiniest piece of meat is torture. It is even harder for the elderly people who try to compensate the teeth which age has taken away from them with removable partial or complete dentures. Every attempt to eat causes them discomfort. Their dentures move around, food gets collected underneath and thorough cleaning after every meal is a must. These disadvantages not only rob people of the pleasure of good food – people with dentures cannot even sit at a restaurant with relatives and friends.

The glues and stabilizers provide only a temporary sense of security. Even with them, people with dentures rarely smile, because they fear an uncomfortable situation. The denture even affects their speech. No one deserves to be deprived of the pleasure of good food, their smile, confidence, or opportunities to meet and talk with friends.

The solution is a simple one – titanium dental implants. They replace the missing teeth and serve as a foundation for fixed constructions of crowns and bridges. The number of dental implants is defined by the number of the missing teeth. This provides an opportunity for partial or complete rehabilitation.
Placing an implant or implants is a relatively fast and handy way for the patient to obtain new crowns. The advantage is that no healthy teeth are filed down, which is the principle when a bridge is placed. The contemporary implant systems are extremely simple and allow the placement of an implant immediately after the extraction of a problematic tooth. When more teeth are missing, it is possible to place between two and six implants at the same jaw at the same time.

The operation of placing the implants is not pain-related because it is always made under anesthesia. During the healing period the patient has temporary teeth in order to be able to communicate and eat without problems. After the period of osseointegration and periodic checks is complete, the implant is exposed and a so called "healing abutment" that shapes the gum is placed. After the 20th day of the placement, an imprint is taken and the dental technicians prepare the permanent construction.
The treatment is expensive and requires a lot of tests and good planning. But is there anything more valuable than the smile of your loved ones who can enjoy apples and toast again and have a fulfilling life after years of deprivation?

Dr. Petar Duchev

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