What sets us apart from the rest of the dental clinics?

Very often our future and current patients ask the following question:

What sets you apart from the rest of the dental clinics?

We have added a third answer to the 2 that we have been giving so far:

  1. We are a narrowly specialized clinic in 3D navigated computer implantology. The innovation, X Guide, is currently the only device in Bulgaria, for real-time navigated 3D surgery, aimed at the perfect 3D positioning of the implant. Significant adjacent anatomical structures are identified in real time through light and sound visualization on equipment’s display. The software ensures the long lifetime and flawless trouble-free functioning of the dental implant through: 1) 3D scanning of the jaws. 2) Digital planning of implant’s position and the future structures, to be installed on it. Performing the surgical procedure in this way makes it unique, because it allows the correction of any deviations from the pre-designed implant position by a hundredth of the millimetre (0,01 mm).
  2. The possibility to treat elderly patients and children under drug induced sleep or with medical monitoring, ensuring in real time their physical and dental health. This requires the presence of a surgical unit, a team of anaesthesiologists and nurses, managing patient’s sleep, a room for recovery and a follow-up programme for prophylaxis and maintenance.
  3. In the clinic we NEVER use local anaesthesia without the presence of an ANAESTHESIOLOGIST.

Our goal is to ensure maximum safety of our patients, even when working with local anaesthetics. Having an ANAESTHESIOLOGIST at the clinic throughout the day, ensures peace of mind for us – the dentists – as well. Especially when working with high-risk, compromised patients, patients with a history of allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure and other comorbidities, as well as pregnant patients.

In these specific patient groups, thorough examination, preparation and follow-up after the treatment procedures is a guarantee for SUCCESS!

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