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Friday night

Friday night. After a hard and busy week, I stretch on the sofa with a glass of wine in my hand, and filled with a sense of a job well done. I am trying to watch some series on one of the online platforms, but I feel the Morpheus’ embrace. And then I hear, or rather feel the vibrations of my phone. I look at it and see a message by a person, who has been a patient of mine for some time, and with whom I am on friendly terms. I open the message. It contains a video file. One of those funny little stories, where two elderly gentlemen go out fishing. While they are staring away at their fishing-rods among a lake of sorts, one of them dozes off and his dentures fall into the water. The man is disappointed, but this is life. A little bit later, the other man catches a fish. A big fish, and he finds dentures in its mouth. He decides to pull a prank on his friend, not knowing his troubles. So he puts the dentures in his mouth, trying the startle and make the other man laugh at the same time. His friend, however, does not seem startled, and even less – humored. He stretches out, takes the dentures from the mouth of the “funny guy”, rinses it into the water over the boat’s board and tries to fit it in his own mouth. He finds out that it’s not his own, but hey – it is better than nothing! He turns towards his laughing friend, with a look on his face, saying “What’s wrong with you?”.

The video is over, and I don’t know how to react. My friend’s teeth are all in their places, but I have recently performed surgery on his father. The man had worn removable dentures for over 10 years. I placed implants on his upper and lower jaw, applying the “All-on-4” method and fixed, temporary structures at the end of the surgery. I decide to send a smiley, just in case.

My friend’s response, however, made me think: “It’s not funny, doc. These dentures truly humiliate a man. Thank you so much for giving my father back his dignity!”

I am just about to message something stupid in the line of “Doing my best to help”, and I received another message. “And also, thank you for restoring my self-respect. For offering me this unasked-for discount. And you said that you offer it as a sign of respect to the grown-up children, who take care of their elderly parents. In fact, I didn’t need that discount, but you made me feel worthwhile.”

I replied with a short “Thank you for your trust” and we both went silent.

From that point on, everything would be nothing more than spam.

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