The Jewel in the Crown – Dental Implants in the Present Tense | Bulgaria on Air Magazine| Decempber 2010

Chief Doctor at a clinic for implantology and biomimetic restorative dentistry

The patients are no longer interested in what a dental implantation is. They know that this is the way to restore lost teeth and the most biological way to preserve dental health.
The patients no longer ask whether it will hurt, because they know that before, during and after the operation a team of professionals will be looking after them and their recovery will be fast and without any problems.
The personal assistant to the patient, appointed before the intervention, is available 24 hours a day for any question that may arise and for any moment when support is needed.
The patients are now interested in the individual approach, the security, the qualification of the team, the care and the quality of the end result.
We guarantee thе protection of our patients’ health by using contactless sterilization, individual reliable packaging of every instrument and nozzle, guaranteed by a thermal disinfector produced by Miele. The high level of sterility and the application of established standards at work are key for the success of the implantation. The excellent aesthetic results and the long life of the implantology treatment are achieved via work with proven brands and systems only, right planning and testing, as well as collaboration with leading dental technicians from Bulgaria and abroad. At our clinic, we place the emphasis on teamwork and the narrow specialization of each of our dentists and assistants. This allows for thorough completion of every treatment as per the principles of the so called Natural Esthetic and REAL REJUVENATION OF THE FACE. Our work with facial surgeons and dermatologists and the cooperation thereof result in a product of supreme quality – young teeth, expressive smile, filled expression lines, tightened and fresh skin, better confidence.

Dr. Peter Duchev

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