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“Why would I need general anesthesia?”, an amicable 60-years old patient asks me. She has indicated in her questionnaire that she suffered from hypertension. She needs a dental implant and I had just recommended that the procedure is performed under sedation.

“First of all – this is sedation (or medical sleep, as you may also call it). Your breathing will be preserved, you will be able to hear me and open and close your mouth, and if I ask you if you are hungry – you will answer my question.” I reply.

“But general anesthesia is dangerous and harmful.”, she insists.

“Sedation ranks first in terms of safety.”, I am trying to answer as fully as possible. ”Our anesthesiologists monitors all your vital signs and has the necessary expertise to regulate any occurring problem. They monitor the respiration, heart rate, pulse, saturation etc. If your blood pressure starts to climb up, due to your condition, they will immediately adjust it.

Furthermore, sedation means comfort. Mainly for you, but also for me, as your implantologist. You will feel great on the next day. I don’t expect any pain or oedemas on your part. You can get back to your normal social life right away.

For me, as a surgeon - implantologist, comfort is also significant. I can perform the surgery in a much shorter time or combine it with other necessary procedures. In this way, a single sedation can save you many further visits. For you, it would be one and the same whether you sleep for 1 hour and 45 minutes or for 2.5 hours.”

“And what if my blood pressure rises during that sedation of yours?” the patient asks, suddenly remembering her health issues.

“That’s why the anesthesiologist is here – they will monitor you throughout the procedure.

When I appointed an anesthesiologist-reanimator with more than 30 years of experience, as our full-time employee, most of my colleagues and friends asked me: “Why? Isn’t it more cost-efficient to call them and make appointments, only when you need them?”

Having an anesthesiologist at the dental clinic means safety and security. Both for the patients and the dentists. This means covered medical risk during every dental anesthesia.

Let me explain it that way: Whenever you’re buying a new family car, do you want more airbags and safety systems? And do you hope that you would never need them? And are you ready to pay more, just to make sure that these systems are there and could save your life in case of an accident?

No dental anesthesia is applied at our clinic, without the presence of an anesthesiologist. This is part of the standards of “Dental Clinic Petar Duchev”.

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