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Commodity dental esthetics…?

Commodity dental esthetics…?

We’ve come to a place, where facial esthetics have become a “commodity”. Particularly when it comes to women’s faces. Eyebrows – scarcely any (with just minor differences), eyelashes - completely identical, cheekbones - prominent, lips – almost completely identical (overflowing with fillers).

And, as if aiming to enhance this sense of uniformity, our industry decided to “digitalize”. Ready-made forms from computer software (stored in a cloud), automated, computer-generated process, (almost completely) eliminating any human factor.

The main tool of dental technicians is now the computer mouse.

We moved the lab to the dental practice and replaced it with 2-3 pieces of equipment, merely performing standardized commands.

And as a result, the teeth we make, have also turned into a “commodity”. White and perfectly aligned. We do no longer try to teach our patients dental esthetics. We offer them an automated, digitalized, soulless process, ending with completely identical teeth. There are no tests “according to the structure of the face”, different colors, hues, shapes …

More and more often I hear “I’m digitalized”. This sounds absurd from the mouth of a dentist, a bit like “I’ve moved to the other side”, according to the current fashion, that is.

How far will we go?

On the one side would be most practices (dental offices and clinics). They will be all uniform in terms of the value they offer their patients/clients. How would the choice be made among them, then? It is simple:

1. By their price – it is always a factor.

2. By location – whether or not they are conveniently located

3. By personal preferences – I like the brunette at the first clinic, much better than the irritating blonds at the other.

And on the other side, there would only be several facilities, capable of offering “haute couture”. The value for the patient/client will be the result of innumerable hours of work, skills and expertise, individually packaged for each and every patient. They will form the “Price doesn’t matter” segment.

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