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How often should we take a child to the dentist?

How often should we take a child to the dentist?

At every age, prophylaxis is the easiest way to preserve health and invest in more health. For us, pediatric dentists, this rule is fully applicable as well and the earlier we meet our young patients for the first time, the earlier we can help establish the right habits, give appropriate advice to parents, support them in maintaining the healthy and beautiful children’s smile!

Until the age of 3, we would like to have appointments with our toddler patients every 6 to 8 months. In this period, it is important to monitor the sequence of tooth eruption, to check for issues in the shape, color or texture of tooth enamel. At this time, of particular importance are the absence or presence of harmful habits, introducing solids and varied diet, chewing and intensity of feeding.

After the age of 4 the frequency of the visits to the pediatric dentist depends on the Caries Risk, which is identified during the professional oral hygiene of our young patients. After their 4th birthday children are cooperative enough to be able to sit alone on dental chair and get acquainted with the commands “Open”, “Close”, “Spit”, to be taught, based on the “SHOW, TELL, DO” principle. In collaboration with the British Academy of Paediatric Dentistry с (BAPD), we have developed a program for identifying the Caries Risk Index based on the amount of plaque, which children have at 6 points in their mouths. So, based on a mathematically calculated indicator, we follow-up and work with the child every 4, 6 or 12 months. This is the easiest way to identify a dental issue from the very start, before it has turned into a “big hollow“ and started aching.

Thanks to this follow-up Formula, we are able to minimize the possibility of caries occurrence in children’s temporary, mixed and permanent dentition. This eliminates fear and terror of dentists, substituting them for pleasant emotions and responsibility.

Yours truly,

Dr. Tsveti

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