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When you love candy, but then one morning you wake up and…

When you love candy, but then one morning you wake up and…

As a pediatric dentist, communication and working with our young patients are of key significance for me and my team. However, it is impossible to meet them, if their parents are not informed and do not know when and why they need to take their children to a pediatric dentist.

The truth is that our youngsters cannot google the clinic, they cannot scan the QR code from our business card, which would make it easy for them to get to the important information on our website, they cannot make an appointment on the phone or using the contact form, also to be found on our website, or even go to the clinic alone for their scheduled appointment. For all these actions, they need their mom and dad, and sometimes the exclusive support by grandma and grandpa.

In my daily encounters with many parents, my respect goes to those among them, who recognize authority and listen to the advice of the specialists, responsible for their children’s health. This is the pyramidal structure that is the easiest to work with: parent- child- pediatric dentist. Usually, however, most families, in the rush of raising and caring for their children, are rather unfocused and neglect the need of early appointments and prevention for baby teeth, which results in overlooking the issues, while they are still in their beginning.

Earlier today, I had to see yet another emergency case – a 4-year-old cutie with an enormous oedema from an inflamed baby tooth to the left of the lower jaw, which had started as a small cavity, and one year later the tooth is already completely destroyed and has to be extracted. And all this could be much easier for everybody – parents, child, pediatric dentist, with the help of an early appointment and detection of the issue. Mom, dad and young S.V., who loves sucking on lollipops, eating lots of gummy candy, drinking juice from a box, were all immensely surprised earlier this morning, to find little girl’s cheek extremely swollen, hot and red.

It is not by chance that our emergency phone number ends with 911, because emergency in pediatric dentistry is sometimes truly urgent!

For a more Reliable, Modern and Predictable pediatric dentistry in Bulgaria!

Yours truly,

Dr. Tsveti

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