Errors That Parents Make When Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

1. The convenient location of the dental clinic or office is not always the best decision-making factor, because the location does not guarantee the necessary expertise, attention or high-quality treatment.

2. “My personal dentist will also treat my child.” This is often a good solution because if the whole family goes to the same place for their regular dental checkup and cleaning, the dentist knows the child who is not afraid of him/her and trusts him/her. But if the child has never visited the family dentist, has fears or has been threatened with the doctor before, trust is missing, there is only fear of the unknown. Then an expert – a pediatric dentist is needed who only works with children and whose working environment and practice resemble a nursery, where there is enough time, space and patience for the little patient.

3. Do not choose the place where your child will be treated based on the principle of the cheapest solution because the results may be disastrous: fallen dental fillings, complications, greater fear of dental treatment. The rule that the cheap turns out to be expensive applies here.

4. The high-quality materials and innovative techniques that certain clinics use to advertise themselves, aren’t capable of treating patients – educated and reliable experts who can guarantee high-quality work are needed to work with these.

5. A primary examination or checkup cannot be free, because if the clinic or office has standards for their work, as well as for sterilization and disinfection, the disposable supplies and the time spared for your checkup, are not free either.

6. The work with the National Health Insurance Fund is not the best for your dental health and for the health of your child, since standards and protocols for canal treatment of baby and permanent teeth are missing, no modern approaches for teeth restoration are applied and every procedure has timing which reduces the quality of service and treatment. The worst is that no investment in prevention is made and the resources are directed to treatment which is of poor quality and not properly budgeted.

7. Forceful or immediate treatment at any cost! This is dangerous for the physical and emotional health of the child. A lot of parents lose their nerve and are overwhelmed by emotions, and exert physical or mental pressure upon their kids, threatening them with punishment and deprivation. The ultimate result is that the child is stressed, afraid and absolutely refuses to cooperate.

8. Treatment after bribing or proposing the “If you open your mouth, I will buy you this” deal. My experience shows that this only works the first time and brings zero result in the rest of the cases.

9. “With Mom or Dad sitting along, everything will happen more easily”. Indeed, very often the parent whom we have prepared well, is our best friend and assistant in the process of treatment of the child. When the parent, however, doesn’t have sufficient authority and the child disregards the law of good manners, then the doctor can only be convincing in the absence of the mother and/or the father, when work takes place in neutral environment that the child is not afraid of.

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