A reading for anxious parents

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A reading for anxious parents, in emergency situations. Reading time 2 min.

If you are the parent of a child with a fallen filling, with an oedema, swelling or a trauma of a milk or permanent tooth, and you do not know what to do, the advices below are just what you need!

1. Firs of all, you must try to identify the number of affected teeth and their exact location. The easiest method of visualization is to make a photo, using your mobile phone. My recommendation is that when you take child’s picture, the child should be lying down with his or her head relaxed back and firmly supported. It would be good if you have an additional light source and another pair of hands to help you. You can send the photos to the dentist, using the mobile to try to find specialized aid abroad.

2. If the child is in pain, especially if such pain appears in the evening or at night, you will need analgesics – Nurofen or Panadol, which will decrease pain’s intensity and will provide you with a sufficient time window until the next morning, when you will be able to look for help and a proper solution. Using them for a long time, however, without the recommendation and supervision by a doctor, may be dangerous. Please observe the dosage and instructions!

3. If your child has an oedema or swelling of the gum of any of the temporary/permanent teeth, you will need urgent help, because this means that there is an infection. I recommend that one of the steps you take is contacting child’s general practitioner, because the medication therapy almost always includes antibiotics and the paediatrician can help with early premedication.

4. If in these days of “house arrest“, when children tend to get over-excited and loose patience quickly, due to the lack of sufficient space and privacy, your child falls down, suffers a trauma, breaks or loses any milk/permanent teeth, the situation is a true EMERGENCY and planning the treatment should take place in the first few hours. If the tooth is completely missing, find it, place it in a sterile container, full of saline solution and within the next 2 to 10 hours it should be reimplanted, because within this timeframe the success rate is the highest. Try to contact your personal or paediatric dentist, experienced in working with traumas in children. As a clinic, narrowly specialized in the treatment and prophylaxis of children and adolescents, in the last few days, we treated several children with early children traumatism, caries complications, night-time pain and oedema. But when you have the SOS telephone number +359 (0 )878 700 911, which you can call, find advice, obtain consultation and make an appointment, the situation is always more acceptable and the newly occurred crisis is much easier to overcome.

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