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And you, have you asked your mother?

And you, have you asked your mother?

I once chanced upon a young man. Well-dressed, driving a Maserati and the future husband of my niece.

“Your clinic is great, Dr. Duchev!”, he told me. “But my parents will most probably not have their teeth taken care for there. They prefer to have dental treatment in Switzerland. That’s where they live most of the time.”

“And what about your grandma and grandpa?”

“What about them?”

“Are they also going to travel to Switzerland for dental treatment?”, I asked curiously.

“Oh, no! What’s wrong with them? They have their dentures and have no problems.”

“Look, with those “teeth” of theirs, your loved ones cannot eat properly. They cannot chew. They cannot take a proper bite. This is an illusion, and not teeth”, I was quick to explain to my young friend, what do “teeth in a glass of water” mean.

“I have never heard my grandma complain”, he said after some contemplation.

“And can you imagine what it would be to speak and try to eat with these plastic imitations of teeth?”


“Imagine having two mobile phones in your mouth. Trying to get hold of the lower with the upper one, and the other way round. Often, when you open your mouth a bit too widely, they both fall off.”

My young friend left in his Maserati. And I thought to myself: “Shouldn’t I tell this to all young and old well-dressed people. They all love their parents and grandparents?”

Those elderly parents need implants. They are exceptionally reliable. Once put on, the teeth would never have to come out. They function, look like and need care just as the natural teeth. With a toothbrush and toothpaste.

But elderly people do not know that. They don’t know that tooth implantation has been invented for people like them. And that tooth implants can dramatically change their quality of life.

“But they never complain?!”

Yes. I know it from my own experience. Parents never complain!

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