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Ah, tell me, son ...?

“Tell me, son, how do the rest of the people live? Those, whose children are not dentists?”

This is what my mother asked me, after yet another test for her new crowns and molded denture. Some 20 years ago, this was the best treatment imaginable.

Recently, these structures (now inadequate) have been replaced. Within a single day and with a single surgery, my mother received new teeth, permanently fixed on implants, placed in the upper and lower jaw.

“There’s one thing I don’t understand,” she told me several days later. “Why does it not hurt, how come there is no pain at all?”

“This how evolution works.” I replied.

“The previous treatment took place in a 12 sq.m. office. You had over 20 visits and we had to go to the laboratory five times. Now, the size of the operating theatre, where the surgery took place only is twice that area. The dental technician is here, we have an anesthesiologist intensivist, an orthopedist and assistants at our disposal. These are major differences.

Six months later we installed the permanent structures. Now she has fixed teeth in her mouth, which look like natural ones (or even better), they function as natural teeth (that can be used for normal chewing) and need the usual hygiene, also required for natural teeth.

Through the years, I have been telling everyone about tooth implants and how they can solve all the problems of toothless people. I recommend to all my friends and relatives to appoint visits with me for their elderly parents. And there’s also something else: Our parents belong to a different “old-school” generation, they never complain. Do not expect them to tell you that they are suffering, not being able to eat properly, smile properly or even talk normal.

I keep telling my well-to-do patients, how they can help and take care of their elderly parents. But I have also started asking myself “What can I personally do about it? I helped my mother, and what about the others?”

Yes, we offer a 15 % unasked for discount to everyone who brings to the clinic their elderly parents, but is this enough …

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