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Tooth eruption and clear snots

Tooth eruption and clear snots!

The first signs of tooth eruption can be seen months, before teeth can actually be seen in the mouth. Most often around the 4th month, abundant salivation and slobbering commence, the child starts putting all sorts of objects in its mouth – and mostly the hands, it is clearly more irritable, starts crying without a visible reason, there may be a slight fever of 37,7-37,8 degrees, with good general condition, the nose may be a bit runny, with a little secretion, and there may be some rash or reddening around the mouth and on the face, reduced appetite, watery eyes, tense and painful gums.

The nose, rhinopharynx, mouth and the teeth in it are interconnected, the eruption of the baby teeth causes local inflammation, accompanied by the 5 symptoms of inflammation- reddening, pain, edema, warming-up, impaired functions, and thus – the changes, observed as side effects of the tooth eruption.

The runny nose and occasional coughing are easily explained by the impairment of the local immunity, as already mentioned. A diarrhea may also occur, due to the fact that teeth form part of the oral cavity, and it is the entrance to the gastrointestinal system, so that any changes in the oral mucosa are multiplied in changes to the intestinal mucosa – as they both share the same ectodermal origin.

In the period of tooth eruption, the main question is – how to deal with it most easily?

The periods of tooth eruption are just indicative, usually teeth erupt symmetrically, in clusters, first in the mandibula (lower jaw), and a bit later – in the maxilla (upper jaw).

The sequence of eruption is traced by months, as a fully formed and complete temporary dentition is usually observed about 3 years after birth.

There are children, who don’t have a single tooth erupted 12 months after their birth, and this is not a cause for alarm, especially if the child is healthy and has no comorbidities. According to many researchers, the later the teeth erupt, the better mineralization of the dental structures and higher caries resistance is achieved. No matter when teeth erupt, earlier, later or just in time, the first appointment with a pediatric dentist should be made within the 1st year of your child’s life.

The main thing we need during teeth eruption is PATIENCE.

In order for the baby tooth to appear in the mouth, it must first “come out“ of the bone and pass through several layers of mucosa (gums). In this way, a “torn“ wound appears in the mouth, which – under the impact of the normal germs in the mouth – is easily inflamed, reddened, becomes painful and swollen and may even bleed. These are all symptoms, accompanying any common inflammation in our body and this explains the discomfort, felt by the child.

Do not use eruption-relief gels too often – they contain lidocaine, taste enhancers and sweeteners, which are not the best things you child may have.

Homeopathic products prove effective in some children, and less so in others, but you should give them a try.

Most tooth eruption relief products are more often bought (including in our family) to give us peace of mind that we are doing the best we can for our children. What we should do is rely on natural and proven products, which have been in use since our grandmothers’ time, such as chamomile and lime-tree, which have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. These can be used as teas or for rubbing the gums with a gauze, for example.

Do not neglect your children’s oral hygiene even if they don’t let you wash their teeth!

It is in children’s nature to oppose most novelties in their lives, and this also applies to the establishment of the habit to wash their teeth. Therefore we should start establishing this habit gradually, from a very early age, initially in the evenings, before bedtime, and after child’s 3rd year – in the mornings as well. All this must be organized in the form of a game, without pressure and roles should be played from the heart. It’s all in our hands, as parents, who – apart actors are also the directors of this play – calmness and patients – this is the key to success!!!

It may be difficult today and tomorrow, but one week from now it will be easier and much more pleasant for everybody :-) Good luck!

Yours truly,

Dr. Tsveti

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