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Businessmen’s disease, Part 2

Businessmen’s disease, Part 2

So, Businessmen’s disease! Let me repeat that this is in fact excessively ground teeth, which can cause a wide range of issues. From esthetic (teeth look unnaturally shortened and dark), to functional (difficulties biting and chewing, toothache and sensitivity).

For a long time, “classical” dentistry advised that we do nothing in early or medium-advanced cases. The grinding was left to advance until reaching a stage, where teeth almost die on their own. And at this time, all teeth were to be depulped (mortified!). After that, crowns were placed on all affected teeth. This removes even the few healthy parts of the teeth that remain unaffected. This approach is extremely aggressive and causes irreversible tooth damage. Grinding down and mortifying the teeth results in drastic shortening of their lifespan. Tests show that within 5-7 years, after such a treatment, up to one third of the so treated teeth can be lost.

What is my solution?

I recommend early, minimally invasive treatment. In essence, this means to add to the teeth, what has been lost. We build back their ground-down parts, without further grinding and without any need of tooth mortification. Such treatment may take place with the help of two types of materials: of nanohybrid composite or with lithium-disilicate glass ceramics.

In the first case (using composite) treatment is performed entirely by a dentist, with minimum involvement of a dental technician, within just a few days. It is very suitable for young people in case of newly occurring processes.

In the second case, the parts, that are to be installed on top of the teeth, are made of ceramics, with the active involvement of our dental technician (Mr. Romeo Pascetta) and these are fixed in the mouth by a dentist. The duration of the treatment is approximately 40 days and it is suitable for patients in an advanced age and advanced process of tooth-grinding.

There are also various combinations of these two materials for the treatment of one and the same patient.

Before commencement of the treatment, all the old fillings are removed, secondary cavities – repaired and teeth are restored in their entirety. We often discuss with patients the possibilities for preliminary orthodontic therapy. Inaccurately arranged teeth and improper bite, may be the basis of the issue and it is advisable to correct these in advance. Normally arranged teeth and proper bite guarantee the long life of restored teeth.

What would be the lifetime of the teeth after such treatment?

For both options, my experience shows 15+ years of unproblematic functioning. There are just minor complications, if any at all. If the option for restoration using composite is chosen, after 8-10-12 years, the procedure may need to be repeated, because the process is not discontinued and composite can also be ground down. In this case, technology allows the new restoration to take place quickly (within a day or two) and involves only minimal interventions. This scenario does not apply to the treatment, using ceramic restorations!

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