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Caries is like chocolate, it can be black or it can be white ...

As a clinic, strictly dedicated to the treatment and prophylaxis of children and adolescents, today we will once again discuss the health of children’s teeth.

This February was declared the International Children’s Dental Health Month and being narrow dental specialists, our cause is to provide up-to-date, objective and expert information, regarding our children’s dental health. To provide support and inspire confidence that you can cope with one of the toughest, but also one of the most motivating tasks in your lives, i.e. that of being Parents!

Let me introduce myself – I am Dr. Tsveti Ducheva, or just Dr. Tsveti and I am a paediatric dentist.

Today, my advices are intended for the parents of the youngest patients, aged 0-3 years, whom I can only meet with their Mom and Dad’s help.

Dear parents of children aged between 0 and 3 years, caring for your precious kids’ teeth must start from the eruption of the very first tooth! Please, believe me – this is not too early at all!

Lift up your infant’s upper lip often and see what their teeth look like!

Early caries most often affects the upper incisors and the first temporary molars! If you take good care and monitor the teeth closely and regularly, you will be able to notice the first signs of caries and get timely dental aid and treatment.

Please, remember – dental caries is not always black or brown! In toddlers and children, caries usually has a rapid course, initially resembling a spot or uneven surface with off-white to yellowish coloration. In this phase, caries can be stopped by optimizing hygiene care and proper nutrition. Failing to take the necessary measures, however, caries becomes irreversible and aggressive. Many parents ask me:

"Dr. Ducheva, why does my child have so many cavities, when we brush his teeth, control nutrition, work hard to develop proper habits?"

Dental caries is a disorder with multifactorial aetiology and if oral and nutritional prophylaxis is not commenced from the eruption of the very first tooth, all care and efforts after that may prove futile. Unfortunately, in the recent years, we receive little patients at the clinic, coming from all over Bulgaria, having severe problems, serious dental destruction and many complications. Therefore, in order to get recommendations, regarding caries prophylaxis, visit your paediatric dentist, as soon as your child’s first birthday. Caries prophylaxis has a specific, standard framework, but it must always be adapted to the particular child, and that is why we cannot always give the same advice for each and every child. And don’t fool yourself that the only reason for caries development is chocolate – very often the trigger for caries occurrence may be a bad habit – breathing through the mouth, silent reflux, frequent illness and using too much immunostimulants, vitamins and food supplements with abundant sweeteners to enhance their taste.

We, as paediatric dentists, are pleased to work with cooperative and motivated children, but this can only happen, if you – their parents – join our team! Let’s start meeting each other early on, so that we can meet less often after that -)

Because being a good parent is a skill, achieved through knowledge and experience!

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