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Children’s teeth are not a fence, so it is not OK to put metal fillings in them.

Children’s teeth are not a fence, so it is not OK to put metal fillings in them.

Today, I decided to focus on AMALGAM fillings. Do you remember those metal-grey fillings, which required that you don’t eat for two hours after getting them?

Well, these should all be history now, because their use in patients below the age of 18 was prohibited last year in the entire European Union. Yet, there are still colleagues in Bulgaria, who continue to use them. The saddest thing for me is seeing such a “silver” filling/s in a child’s mouth. Some 30 years ago this was the only option for restoring damaged teeth, but now using these would rather aggravate the dental caries issues, than solve them.

Don’t you think the amalgam fillings on children’s teeth look like nails in a fence? Like any other metal, this amalgam also oxidizes and gets rusty, especially when it is drenched in saliva 24/7. The main disadvantage of the amalgam fillings is the absence of good bonding with the adjacent tooth tissues, the occurrence of cavities at the border area between the tooth and the filling and frequent breaking of massive tooth fragments, due to the generated pressure during chewing. These fillings are kept in place, based on mechanical retention, which means that more healthy tissue needs to be removed, in order to give the cavity a certain shape, which would ensure retention. This is against the main rule in pediatric dentistry – to apply minimum invasive techniques!

Dear parents, if your child needs dental treatment, find out in advance what materials and techniques are planned for the treatment of the most precious being in your life. Because modern pediatric dentistry needs to be esthetic, safe and long-lasting, both for baby and permanent teeth!

Yours truly,

Dr. Tsveti



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