Bulgarian is the Salutatorian of the gIDE Class of 2012 | DentalTribune International | September 2012

By Dental Tribune Bulgaria

From September 2 until September 8 in the Center of the Global Institute for Dental Education (gIDE) in Los Angeles, California, USA, the Graduation Ceremony of the Class’2012 of the one-year program gIDE-UCLA took place.

The Class graduation was accompanied by a ceremony of diplomas’ receiving. The Salutatorian (with second highest academic rank) of the 120-member class was the Bulgarian doctor of dental medicine Dr. Peter Duchev. He is the first Bulgarian to achieve such amazing results in the history of the world-famous institute for dental education.
Dr. Duchev received a certificate of academic merit, as well as the opportunity to present one of his clinical cases at the closing Assembly of gIDE-UCLA.
Among the audience of the Graduation ceremony were the professors Dr. Sasha Jovanovic (founder and representative of gIDE), Dr. Egon Euwe, Prof.Dr. Henry Takei.
Dr. Peter Duchev was also invited to the Alumni meeting next year, which is traditional for the graduates of the program. During the event the alumni have the opportunity to meet again for a week in Los Angeles. The purpose of the meeting is to exchange ideas, discuss clinical cases and
introduce the participants to the developments and innovations every one of them has made, in the presence of leading international clinicians.
The one-year gIDE programs include four meetings of the class, one held every three months. During these meetings, the participants lecture, present live operations and perform trainings on pig jaws. The exams are an integral part of the education. Every participant needs to cover 2 tests and have more than 80% correct answers in order to receive a passing grade. They also need to make a presentation of a case, which meets certain requirements before the examination committee at each of the sessions.
The time between the meetings is for self-preparation. According to the gIDE requirements, over 250 online lectures need to be seen, over 100 online lectures must be read and 6 online exams in a test-form must be taken.

The uniqueness of the program also comes from the cooperation with the Department of Postgraduate Studies of UCLA – University of California, Los Angeles. This is the only program that offers simultaneously the practical and academic clinical education, in combination with the scientific background of a leading international university. The Global Institute for Dental Education was founded in 2003 in Los Angeles and has a hi-tech education center, an operation block with advanced equipment and modern audio-visual instruments.
In June 2006, gIDE moved its Center to an ex-recording studio, occupying area of approx.400 sq.m., previously used the by the famous Californian band The Beach Boys. Now it is turned into a modern center with offices for live broadcasts all over the world, recordings of clinical video materials, and an education center for practical courses and demonstrations for live surgeries. The gIDE concept, which lies in the foundation of the innovative education center, is to provide the clinicians with theoretical, practical and demonstration methods, allow them to benefit from the opportunities of the hi-tech operation block and motivate them for high results.

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