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And do you know, Doctor, how I choose a restaurant?

And do you know, Doctor, how I choose a restaurant?

This is what I was asked by a charming lady that I talked to for over two hours. A woman, for whom I found it so hard to find delicate words to describe the conditions of her teeth and to explain that the removable dentures she was using, could be replaced by fixed structures. Artificial teeth, which would be impossible to tell apart from true natural teeth and with which she would be able to eat, smile and talk in a perfectly regular way. The only thing that had to be done, was to place implants!

However, the question about restaurants during our conversation about dental implants, was rather unexpected.

“No! I can’t even guess what cuisine you prefer.”

“My taste is of importance. My husband, for example, knows my taste very well, but he does not know how I choose restaurants. He always complains that I don’t want to eat at his favorite restaurant.”

“That’s interesting! And why is that, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“There is nothing interesting, Doctor. These terrible prosthetics must be washed after every meal. They need to be REMOVED FROM THE MOUTH and washed! Because, otherwise food residues may remain underneath and it is as if you have a stone in your shoe.”

“I understand.”

“You don’t understand a thing! I have to get up from the table, smile at everybody and say: “Please excuse me, I have to wash my hands”. And this happens several times during dinner.”


“And now imagine that there are other women as well in the ladies room. Fixing their make-up or putting lipstick on. Most of them know me. And now imagine that I – the wife of a famous businessman – take off my “teeth” and start washing them in front of everybody?”

“But why do that in front of everybody?”

“Because in the damn restaurant, sinks are all in the common areas of the ladies rooms. In the separate cubicles only contain lavatory pans. And all the sinks are always shared!

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